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The Barrel Room Wine and Beer Bar in North Canton was established in 2010. While predominately a wine bar in origin, it was Keri's vision when she purchased The Barrel Room in 2014 to expand the craft beer options, steadily ramping up to the now 17 taps and well over 100 craft beers in both bottles and cans. She still offers a large, hand-picked selection of fine wines both on the menu and in the large retail section located in the loft. It was after both regulars and newcomers to the bar requested some bourbon offerings that Keri and a team of customers, family and friends went door-to-door to have a petition signed to get on the ballot and have the local community vote on allowing The Barrel Room to sell high-end spirits. The selection is sophisticated and features some spirits you won't find many places! We also have party rooms where you can host the special celebrations of your life: graduation parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, holiday, networking events and more.

We are honored to be a part of your memorable occasions and enjoy being the venue locals think of first! We have worked hard to foster an environment of community and generosity while making sure everyone who walks through our doors has the best experience possible!


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